Sweet Thing Productions

05 July 2013 - 20 July 2013

Venue: Musgrove Studio
Running time: 1 hour and 55 minutes, including interval
Telephone bookings and enquiries: (09) 308 2383

Award-winning New Zealand writer Stephen Sinclair (The Bach, The Bellbird, Ladies Night) transports audiences to the near future with these two thematically-linked one act plays - hilarious satires and a disturbing premonition of where society is headed.

Sweet Thing opens with Sally having a frank and intimate discussion with her Mum. They appear to have a beautiful close relationship – until Sally’s brother Philip storms in, angry and abusive, demanding Sally get rid of her. For Mum is a clone that Sally made upon her mother’s death – a way for her to address all her unresolved issues from childhood.

I’d Rather Be The Pope presents us with Rod, a hard-core gamer who spends most of his conscious life inhabiting the amoral universe of virtual reality. A borderline sociopath, he has been marginalised by society. However, when he assaults his counsellor, her reaction is quite unexpected…

Directed by Elena Stejko
Cast includes Rima Te Wiata, Jordan Selwyn, Lynn Waldegrave, Ross Brannigan, Peter Tait, Charlotte Chapman, Akil Kirlew and Irina Tate.

Please note: due to an illness within the cast, the performance of Intimacies on Saturday 20 July will be the final performance. Elena Stejko will be replacing Rima Te Wiata for the remainder of the season.

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